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YOKI TECHNOLOGY INDUSTRIES CO.,LTD was established in the year of 2006 as a professional provider of electronic components, hardware parts and wires & connectors for video door phones, security cameras, and other security related products.
Our customers range from manufacturers of video door phones & audio door phones, to camera factories those locate in Latin America region, South East Asia, Middle East region. After years of business cooperation, we have established a reliable partnership with our counterparts by providing quality components and parts at competitive and reasonable prices.
Our main products are electronic cables & connectors, audio parts like speakers, condenser microphone, buzzers, image displaying part like TFT LCD module, graphic type LCM module, camera module for security products and mobile, tooling of plastic injection, Die Casting (zinc alloy or other alloy material), PCB and PCBA, component for power part like transformers, inductors, capacitors, housings for cameras & video door phones made of different material of plastic or hardware; components like branded diode, transistor, IC, sensor, SMD capacitors, resistors, etc.
Except the parts we are dealing with, our company has good experience of operating a project of new products for our customers by ODM, for products like video door phone, garage door opener, CCTV camera. We can help to ODM every part necessary for the new products by receiving samples of part or finished products from customers end.
The main purpose of our company is efficient your production process, lowering cost of production, accelerating your speed of new project operation. If your esteemed company has requirement in this field, it would be our great pleasure to do something helpful together.
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